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Why did he choose her over me

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Why did he choose her over me

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The way she acts. She doesn't nag! I can agree. For some though, feeling too free gets annoying or they need a little nagging. Guess it goes down to needs aligning. I've experienced this and it sucks.

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There is a difference between a real relationship and just hooking up see my blog here.

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I used to wait for men to decide on me. I had to do a lot of self-reflecting and distance myself from the feelings I still had for him. I left him because of his behaviour not because Weekend pleasure 420 friendly stopped loving him. They brought a house together and have just got engaged.

He was just biding time with you so that he could have a girlfriend. Instead of comparing yourself to the girl that is your opposite, that he clearly has a connection with, asking him what he really wants would make more sense.

It took me a long time to understand Hollywood horny females men want in a wife, especially when it came to looking at them from an outside perspective. She doesn't nag! And the fact that he was with you for so long means nothing. They probably told him about their concerns, and he definitely took their words into consideration. Seriously, watch Dld Bachelor. They all really got along well which gave him even more reason to hed her over you.

13 reasons why men don't see you as wife material

Now you have to be this imaginary person for oveer rest of your life. Although they have been taught to give women compliments, they also want to receive a few compliments, as well.

Just another opinion and take in your take! When you can identify that and break out of it you'll have the key.

A relationship needs to be a two-way street. Guys would date me for years, refuse to get married, and then within a year, get engaged to another girl.

Nothing else even comes close, surely not all the grocery list of niceties you've posted. PDA was his favorite thing in the world, and you found yourself squirming to get away from chhoose every time he tried to give you a smooch in public. Or I'll realize I wasn't that attracted to begin with.


Men tend to gravitate towards women who have the same social style as them because it cuts out a lot of potential issues in the relationship. Can you imagine? You may not be someone that Girls of providence college wants to take a wife, perhaps it is something about you ovver your personality.

When he moves on and finds a woman that he does see as wife material for whatever reason that is the person he chooses. Is this fair? Because he likes jumping from woman to woman.

My life is now in limbo, I work full time to support my Bangor Maine grannies to fuck, I have to see my ex week in week out to coparent and in the very limited time I get free I keep myself busy visiting family and seeing friends. I like this quote: Dud people are for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.

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This confidence is what increased his desire to spend more and more time with her. Why not her she is no lesser than you. So while he may just be dating you, he may not have been in a relationship with you.

While you were trying to decide if he was the right one for you, he was definitely doing the same. He may have problems. And unfortunately, nothing you can say or do will change that. He just may not have been ready. Then boom, they break up and three months later the guy marries someone else.

Why did he choose her over me? #2 you don’t do it for him

Sometimes I really do wonder what the point is in my life. And that someone else is the person that he wanted to be in a relationship with. Why because no body is perfect!